We offer three different ways to apply for a tax refund.
If you want to receive the tax immediately at the airport then the best option is to go for global blue.
If you have an Paypal or CreditCard account then the best option is vatfree.com (no waiting lines and a higher refund).
Or if you have relatives in the Netherlands or if your coming back later to the Netherlands you can receive the tax back in our shop after the customs stamped the purchase receipt. (only € 5,- service fee)

Global Blue:
If you reside outside the European Union, regardless of your nationality, you are entitled to tax refund on purchases of 137 euro or more in one shop in one day. When you pay, ask for a tax free shopping cheque.

  • You must export your purchase within 3 month of the purchase date. At the final departure point from the European Union, you have to go to custom first show your purchases, the receipts and the tax-free shopping cheque. Customs will stamp your tax free shopping cheque.
  • You can obtain your refund in cash at one of the international refund points in europe as listed. Alternatively, you can also receive your refund on your credit card, dutch bank/giro account or by cheque. When you return the tax free shopping cheque to us, we will process your refund according to your instructions. You will receive the vat portion of the purchase price minus our commission.
  • In the Netherlands the tax is 21%

Het is makkelijk om b.t.w. terug te krijgen:

  • Als u buiten de EU woont, heeft u recht op B.T.W. teruggave. Dit kan op 2 manieren
  • Met een Tax Free Cheque, waarbij u een gedeelte van de B.T.W. (+/- 10%) gelijk terug krijgt bij het verlaten van de EU.
  • Via een stempel op uw aankoopbon van de douane (of ambassade) dat de goederen de EU zijn uitgegaan, hierbij krijgt u de volle B.TW. terug met inhouding van € 5,- behandelingskosten. Dit is alleen mogelijk met en nederlandse bankrekening of PayPal account,

Getting a refund is easy, hassle-free and worth doing. Claim back the VAT in just 3 steps:

1. Check your purchase receipt

A purchase receipt should meet a couple of basic requirements. The next should be stated clearly: the VAT amount, the NAC-details of the shop and your NCP-details. Make sure to request a correct receipt from the shop if these requirements are not met. Check requirements for purchase receipts

Note that some shops might give you a vatfree.com leaflet or tax-free cheque, together with the purchase receipt, so all receipt requirements are met.

2. Collect a Customs stamp

Before leaving the EU, Customs will need to check if you are taking the purchases with you. Show Customs your purchase receipts and purchases. After the check, Customs will validate your purchase receipts with a Customs stamp. At most EU-airports, you will find Customs before check-in so you do not have to carry the goods in your handluggage. Check Customs stamp

Click here for a map of Customs at Schiphol Airport

3. Cash at vatfree.com

Register your purchase receipts and mail them to our address: vatfree.com, p.o.box 75605, 1118 ZR Schiphol, The Netherlands.

Don’t feel like registering online or no time to do so? At Schiphol Airport you can stop by our servicedesk, or even drop off the stamped purchase receipts in our mailbox (next to Customs). We’ll register for you. Leaving from a different EU-airport or by car/boat/train? Send all stamped receipts to our address together with your contact details.

Click here for a map of our service desk at Schiphol Airport

After registration we will perform a double check, collect the VAT from the shops and arrange your refund payment. It takes about 40 business days to collect the VAT.


Wij leveren ook taxfree aan buitenlandse strijdkrachten.
We also provide duty-free purchases to foreign forces.



Regelgeving BTW teruggave voor diplomaten en beroepsconsuls in Nederland (PDF)

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